A little​ talk with all of them who are going to take a step and end it all. Suicide is not the solution!

Being alone is scary, very scary, sometimes, this loneliness drives us till a point where, you cant take it anymore and decide to end it. All the facts of life fade away, all the love just vanishes. You lock yourself up, start preferring darkness over light and avoid any kind of human interaction. You are sometimes happy, sometimes sad and sometimes happy that you are sad!

We are always taught, two methods of defence in life, fight and flight. Mind you, flight doesn’t exist in a normal child’s dictionary. People who flee are cowards and being coward is death. We all are brought up with few stereotypical quotes like, fortune favours the brave and bravery is life, cowardice is death. Do we even stop and think about why do

 we sometimes fall weak and take a break?

Calm down, love, calm down! Feeling​ low is okay but living with that fear is not. Fleeing away from a certain situation is normal but don’t flee from every situation. Every battle is not yours to be fought, few battles are meant to be lost. That doesn’t make you a loser, that makes you prepared for other tough battles. Life is always going to be unfair but sweetheart, suicide is not an option! It was never an option.

I will not ask you for once to think about the people you love, it is not necessary that they love you back but it is important to acknowledge the fact that you are capable of giving love, few aren’t blessed with this bliss, think about them who have lost their someone with whom they shared everything, maybe they will never open up to anyone else again. Maybe you are that someone to someone! 

You never know what miracles you are creating in someone else’s life right now! Maybe, today if you stop that one step towards death, you will stop many steps towards the end tomorrow. I

 agree honey, life has been unfair but don’t you see, all the beautiful moments you have created out of this unfairness? I emphasize with the truth that, you have seen a lot which you weren’t supposed to but don’t you see, all these tests have made you better? I understand, you don’t deserve this feeling of being left and devastated but didn’t this teach you to value others feelings?

Yes, it’s okay to flee, flee back from that balcony you just thought to jump and end everything, flee away from that bottle of sadness you are holding and flee towards happiness, positivity and love! This moment, you don’t see any but sometime later, you will be a part of all the wonders that will happen in this planet! 

Hold on, till your last breath, till the sun decides not to rise, hold on, till you finally win a battle of your worth, hold on because suicide is never a solution!