Ninnu Kori – Review. 

They say, if you love someone and they want to go, let them go, that is true love, letting your love free. 

I don’t have words to describe how beautifully and delicately this movie deals with the intricacies of human emotions and relationships. This film begins with a common, everyday seen love story of two college students who study in the best universities of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The actress, Pallavi (Niveda Thomas), who plays the role of pretty, simple yet elegantly graceful girl who wants to dance on stage before getting married just because she desires to show the video to her husband and kids asks Uma Maheshwar Rao (Nani), the protagonist, to teach her dance. She has seen him dancing for someone’s marriage and she decides that he will be her teacher. On the other hand, Nani who aims to complete his PhD readily agrees because she offers him a good payment to train her. 

Here on, the movie again gets into the everyday love story scenes, songs and actions. Nani stays as a tenant at Niveda’s place but soon both of them are separated for various reasons. The reasons are so intriguing that they will force you to think how would you react in such situations. Even before the interval, the movie successfully captures the attention of audiences. Then Niveda gets married to a someone she doesn’t love. The movie revolves around these three characters, who prove many points to you. They prove that love can happen even in an arranged marriage, they prove love can happen twice also, they subtly show that love is very powerful emotion. Love can conquer all even your insecurities. 

The story strongly establishes my first line of the post. Nani being a phenomenal actor makes us feel pity yet proud of him. Niveda Thomas portrays the role of a good wife and a strong woman in a very credible manner. Aadhi though he was supposed to be the second hero but still he played a very effective role and also should be the role model of all husbands! The songs are very peppy, easy to hum and remember. This kind of songs keep playing in your head even when you sit for an examination! 

Not to forget the tagline of the film, Let’s Welcome Life! 

My rating : 5/5


One thought on “Ninnu Kori – Review. 

  1. Your best review yet!
    Massive progression!
    Looks like you are becoming a movie buff now!
    No matter what genre you pick, the beauty never misses out!
    The beautiful film helped you make it even better!
    Looking forward for more reviews from you!
    Keep writing! Keep loving!


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