Jab Harry Met Sejal. Review. 

The movie was surrounded with rumours that it has been fetched from When Harry Met Sally. I haven’t watched When Harry Met Sally, so will not comment on how similar or dissimilar it was. I will talk about the amazing screenplay of the movie and not to mention the power that the actors have that grabbed the attention of audiences till the very end. Every movie is released with one intension, to have the audiences stuck on their seats till the last scene and JHMS successful manages to do that. 

The story revolves around our protagonists searching for a ring. Harry (SRK) is a travel guide and Sejal (Anushka Sharma) has lost her engagement ring during her European trip. One may find the plot repeating and predictable. Sejal is the kind of girl, you may often find in day to day life. Child like and stupid, Anusha Sharma plays the role of a Gujarati girl with utmost ease and grace. SRK’s charm and sexiness has notched higher with this movie. There are certain scenes that few audiences will not approve with but there isn’t outrageous vulgarity in them. The scenes were clean, pure and had highest level of emotions. 

I have fallen in love with the way Imtiaz Ali shows the internal difficulties each individual goes through. The way he portrays Sejal, when she realises that she is falling in love with a travel guide though she is engaged is nothing more than enthralling. Harry deals with rollercoaster of emotions and fears which is sketched in a suasible manner. Also, this movie has something that all Imtiaz Ali’s films have, a strong and important woman character. The plot could have been better by highlighting the reason of Harry’s nightmares and how Sejal’s presence is the catalyst.

The songs are feet tapping and fun. Out of all, I love Safar as it reveals a complete story in itself. Radha would be the most loved song by the audience and Beech Beech Mein can now be heard almost in every party. The only issue would be the placement of songs as every scene breaks into a song sequence out of nowhere. The songs are worth adding to your playlist while traveling. 

I give 3/5 to the movie and the sole reason being the phenomenal acting, songs and commendable screenplay! 


One thought on “Jab Harry Met Sejal. Review. 

  1. It’s been so long and what a topic to choose !
    That beauty in writing! And like always, there are a few new words to learn!
    You are the master blogger!
    Although I differ on the screenplay aspect, perfect review!
    You are growing as a movie reviewer!
    Keep writing! Keep loving!


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