Jab Harry Met Sejal. Review. 

The movie was surrounded with rumours that it has been fetched from When Harry Met Sally. I haven’t watched When Harry Met Sally, so will not comment on how similar or dissimilar it was. I will talk about the amazing screenplay of the movie and not to mention the power that the actors have that grabbed the attention of audiences till the very end. Every movie is released with one intension, to have the audiences stuck on their seats till the last scene and JHMS successful manages to do that. 

The story revolves around our protagonists searching for a ring. Harry (SRK) is a travel guide and Sejal (Anushka Sharma) has lost her engagement ring during her European trip. One may find the plot repeating and predictable. Sejal is the kind of girl, you may often find in day to day life. Child like and stupid, Anusha Sharma plays the role of a Gujarati girl with utmost ease and grace. SRK’s charm and sexiness has notched higher with this movie. There are certain scenes that few audiences will not approve with but there isn’t outrageous vulgarity in them. The scenes were clean, pure and had highest level of emotions. 

I have fallen in love with the way Imtiaz Ali shows the internal difficulties each individual goes through. The way he portrays Sejal, when she realises that she is falling in love with a travel guide though she is engaged is nothing more than enthralling. Harry deals with rollercoaster of emotions and fears which is sketched in a suasible manner. Also, this movie has something that all Imtiaz Ali’s films have, a strong and important woman character. The plot could have been better by highlighting the reason of Harry’s nightmares and how Sejal’s presence is the catalyst.

The songs are feet tapping and fun. Out of all, I love Safar as it reveals a complete story in itself. Radha would be the most loved song by the audience and Beech Beech Mein can now be heard almost in every party. The only issue would be the placement of songs as every scene breaks into a song sequence out of nowhere. The songs are worth adding to your playlist while traveling. 

I give 3/5 to the movie and the sole reason being the phenomenal acting, songs and commendable screenplay! 

Ninnu Kori – Review. 

They say, if you love someone and they want to go, let them go, that is true love, letting your love free. 

I don’t have words to describe how beautifully and delicately this movie deals with the intricacies of human emotions and relationships. This film begins with a common, everyday seen love story of two college students who study in the best universities of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. The actress, Pallavi (Niveda Thomas), who plays the role of pretty, simple yet elegantly graceful girl who wants to dance on stage before getting married just because she desires to show the video to her husband and kids asks Uma Maheshwar Rao (Nani), the protagonist, to teach her dance. She has seen him dancing for someone’s marriage and she decides that he will be her teacher. On the other hand, Nani who aims to complete his PhD readily agrees because she offers him a good payment to train her. 

Here on, the movie again gets into the everyday love story scenes, songs and actions. Nani stays as a tenant at Niveda’s place but soon both of them are separated for various reasons. The reasons are so intriguing that they will force you to think how would you react in such situations. Even before the interval, the movie successfully captures the attention of audiences. Then Niveda gets married to a someone she doesn’t love. The movie revolves around these three characters, who prove many points to you. They prove that love can happen even in an arranged marriage, they prove love can happen twice also, they subtly show that love is very powerful emotion. Love can conquer all even your insecurities. 

The story strongly establishes my first line of the post. Nani being a phenomenal actor makes us feel pity yet proud of him. Niveda Thomas portrays the role of a good wife and a strong woman in a very credible manner. Aadhi though he was supposed to be the second hero but still he played a very effective role and also should be the role model of all husbands! The songs are very peppy, easy to hum and remember. This kind of songs keep playing in your head even when you sit for an examination! 

Not to forget the tagline of the film, Let’s Welcome Life! 

My rating : 5/5

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani celebrates 4years! 

This amazing movie is celebrating four years and is already being compared to the paramount of Indian movies, DDLJ! The genre is rom-com and all of us know, how much this genre is celebrated by the youth! 

Apart from the amazing star cast and soothing melodious songs, the dialogues are something that all of us can relate to. These few dialogues can magically pick up my mood anyday! 

Let’s take a look at the dialogues and the credits go to Scoopwhoop for making them look so beautiful! Read Scoopwhoop’s article here.

13 Days in Bengaluru! 

The featured image of this post is quite unusual and miles apart from the regular color combinations. So is the weather and roads of my old city love, Bengaluru. I was here in this city even the previous year yet this place seems, new and unknown. Maybe, that is the beauty this city beholds, it has something anew to offer everytime you visit here. Last year, that journey happened because of a lie and this year, that lie has been amended to truth! How beautifully fate works, I didn’t plan to come here again, it just happened. Few people did change but it is not the fault of a city to transform us, it is us, solely us to transform and become badder or better! 

The traffic is huge, the jams are inevitable and people are infinite. You stop more than you move. You reach your destination by applying brakes and not by accelerating. The riders have this great way of communication, that is, they look into each other’s eyes and understand which way they are going. This way of commuting is more safer than blinking the tail lights in your vehicle. As a kid, I understood that, the green signal signifies start but here, it is orange that urges you to accelerate and zoom away! Everyone seems in a hurry, like they are going to miss the spaceship to the moon. People seem to forget, that footpaths are for pedestrians and not for bikers. Yet, when you observe carefully, you understand that everyone has to reach somewhere, this kind of understanding helps avoid accidents. Afterall, you are stuck all the time in jams, how will accidents happen?  

The weather is more like your clingy girlfriend or your over possessive boyfriend, it can change its mood anytime! The mornings are bright, sunny and hot and the nights suddenly turn windy and rainy. It starts raining out of no where and gives no indication or hint before the downpour starts. Electricity happens to compliment this weather perfectly! As soon as it starts raining, the electricity vanishes as if, the electrons are enjoying the rain too! The night sends chill down your spine and in the morning, sweat droplets run down your forehead. You are pretty much confused, you live two different cities is what you feel. Yet, they tell that, Bengaluru has the best weathers. 

Jump back to my previous blogs and you will know that, I fall in love with pretty much anything and everything and that is why I fell in love with this unusually​beautiful city, Bengaluru!