Dear 25 Year Old Self! 

Hello to the elder me! 

I see you sitting by the side of your window. Holding the hands of your soulmate, like you always did! I see, both of you happy and content like you both always were. Though not to forget the tough times, you both have bravely fought. Yes, right now, everything seems hazy and they will seem so for sometime in life but in later stages, you will be happy. This will happen only if you learn to be happy from this point onwards! 

Yes, there was a time of money crunch and emotional struggles but we never let them lessen our love. For that matter, our love always kept increasing moment after moment. I complained, you heard and when you explained, I lost my patience. Yet nothing could decrease your love for me. Like a strong wall or like the root of a humongous tree, you stood almighty, no matter how many tantrums I threw at you, no matter how much I kept accusing you and doubted your abilities, you stood like a giant, unmoved and unabated. 

When you lost something you loved, I was lost more. When you won something, I won a little more. For this journey towards fulfilling the dreams started with you and will end with you, I keep blaming you for the choices I make, totally aware that you are not the one responsible! It is told that the journey of thousand miles begins with one step, you helped this toddler to take that step. Yet, I keep forgetting that you are a human too! 
Though four years down the lane, I see both of you smile and specially me still blushing at your random flirts. Our family is complete, we are complete and all these is worth it because we fought through it. You never let go of my hand like you promised on day one. We are happy and successful, even this was your promise. I see myself sitting at a pedestal, that is where you wanted to see me. Through every thick and thin, dust and din, you are my armour. 

To my 25 year old self, love conquered​ all and you both are a living example! Cheer up!